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Build Your Very Own SIX Figure BUSINESS With Me ANITA GHOSAL




This is the FASTEST way to quit the corporate job that has been slowly grinding you down and leap into a successful online business to start and grow your service-based business to multiple 6-figures to build an engaged following!  

I GREW MY BUSINESS TO FIVE FIGURES IN JUST 30 DAYS FROM LAUNCH AND SIX FIGURES IN THE FIRST YEAR! My clients have done it and you can totally do it too!



– Zaira –

This programme gave me the support to live my truth and be myself I was NEVER Doing that without this programme bought in LOTS MORE CASH. Everything has enormously changed I feel like my own woman. And my relationship with my husband is brilliant. I trust myself completely, I have boundaries. Overall I feel FREE. Love this programme has nothing to do with changing anyone else its about changing yourself and the people and situations magically change. Anita was total value for money. If anything to cheap! I hesitated to invest but n regrets. Love you Anita and thank you for making such a big difference.

– Jenny –

I had being mistreated for years in a toxic corporate environment and experienced shocking treatment. I had severe anxiety terrible relationship with my mum and ex husband who was abusive and I have been single since then. I had no confidence and did not trust easily. I had major unexplainable health problems, I quit my job which scared the life out of me to start my own business. I am no longer feeling so alone and isolated. I am feeling worth these amazing friendships and smiling and being happy! A great big THANK YOU to Anita! It’s life changing and there are not enough words of gratitude and love. Stay strong goddesses we are in good hands!!!!. This client Pulled off $30k fast cash and three months of paid leave. Set up her business as an Anxiety Speaker and Coach.

– Arti –

Spent most of my life with people telling me it’s not realistic or you can’t achieve that, or that’s impossible. I’ve booked 3 new clients since yesterday and 4 new enquiries! Feeling optimistic. My husband is really happy and grateful I am finding myself. Says he can already see the impact it is having and is happy for me, for us. Thank you for coming into my life. I asked the universe to let me walk away with money and it responded. Feel so overwhelmed…massive celebration when all transactions complete. My life is unfolding as as if by magic I came in and you showed me a way. I will be forever in you favour. Lots of love

– Janet –

Just sold a $2500 package. That’s the first time that’s happened! I am celebrating having my first international best selling book, my first paid in full client at $2500 and not my last. Actually close to $9700 for me since joining this container. #upgrade #shift



The problem is… most corporate women that are people pleasers, have worked their asses off and don’t believe they can start a business and be super successful quickly and think it will be very hard work. And then their confidence is on the floor after being in an environment where they have not been respected and in some cases like me bullied not to mention feeling like a fraud and fake, believing that have been successful by some accident. All of this is NOT TRUE. My gift is to help women be fully liberated in all parts of their lives not just in business as one affects the other by getting to the root cause through channeling the root cause in the subconscious (that means I will tell you the root cause through immersive processes – what takes therapists years – in an hour or less. Usually within the first 15 minutes of a session). Literally what keeps you stuck.

I rip it out with love (so it no longer exists in your system so you can’t attract from it, even those women like myself from the most abusive backgrounds or those of us with deep entrenched feelings of self doubt, lack of self belief and fear of being visible).
It is fast healing, releasing it entirely, No willpower required. I do not know any business coach that gets to the root cause that causes you to stay stuck IN THE corporate chains and never end up being truly happy to have extreme joy, romance and wealth! The magical side effects of this work is the domino effect to bring you all you desire, not a successful business at the cost of a love life, this all happens once the root cause is identified and removed. A lot of my clients have called in magical and are disbelief at how many areas of their life seem to fall into place as if by magic.

This is for women serious about having a liberated life and cashflow from doing something they love. We will identify your gift, that can be monetised at speed through a laser sharp targeted sales attraction system. That does not feel icky but instead authentic, real and full of value.


The old tactics of setting up in business of 2017 and 2018 ain’t working no more “you have to start a business in something you already have done and have skills in” “You must have a website and a brand and market everywhere” “Get success at any cost to your lifestyle and relationships – pay the price” if you go this route it will feel soul destroying and what you hear is crickets. Rather than having a vibrant business, life and following that has been created from your soul gift that was always there wanting to be released. Which do you prefer?

Now don’t get me wrong, this is not a walk in the park particularly as we start, so the way do that determines how quickly we will be successful or not. Take you and your business seriously from the start and you will be amazed what you can achieve, with simplicity when you have the mindset, skill set and the tool set. Not one of these can be missing for Fast Cash to FREEDOM. Freedom being the main word here, so you can do what you want when you want. Love you work, love your fun time and down time. You decide your hours and live life on your terms.

I have GREAT NEWS for you!

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to build your very own purpose heart lef business…full of engaged and raving fans…who buy from you every time you ask, then the next few scrolls will make you a very happy person.

If you don’t already know how to get an impulsive YES from your clients to be when you make an offer to them then you need to build yourself a SIX FIGURE sales attraction system, that is simple, vibrant with leads and sales coming in every day!

Sounds complicated? WELL IT ISN’T ACTUALLY! Trust me! I have the 10 Step LIBERTATE ME ™ System a proven system that is no ordinary business coaching progrmme. But one that is proven to get results as it gets to the root cause of what really holds us back and releases that and gives you the exact formula to exit, launch into a 5 figure month and 6 figure year with a simple yet effective system. Holding your hand every step of the way

This programme is by application only as I know

Why Me

Becuause I have dealt with some of the most severe root causes and wounds and inspite of the physically abused by my mother all my life and losing my belove father to suicide. I became very successful corporate woman, a marketing maverick. But I realised I was selling my soul. And actually I was here for something more and since (still can’t belive it) then I launched into the LIberation Coach that has helped hundreds women all over the world to become LIBERATED in every sense with the formula that was pioneered from my inner gifts. That I now help my clients to identify and remove their root causes and find their gift and go into 5 figures in 30 days and 6 figures in their first year. Without compromising their relationships, fun lifestyle for that success through a simple non icky sales system that feels good to them and works.

Clients results speak for themselves a client 30k in 20 days, 10k in 30 days, and $100k in 60 days, $4000 after one day VIP event, $2000 after a two hour masterclass and how I have clients hit this consistently. As I have. But truth be told its not about the money… take a read of these women’s experiences in it is not the money that is the focus but what is done for them, their confidence, their relationships and their happiness. And maybe at this stage that is ALL YOU want and not sure on starting a business yet that is also fine, we have an option for you to take that part only and add the rest later should you so wish. Money can’t buy happiness alone but with the inner work and resources you get to be free, in joy and wealthy to support those you love and have more impact. To me that is the cherry on the cake

I’M SOOOOO SUPER EXCITED to be launching this new Fast Cash to Freedom Programme – Liberate MeTM System at the In this Program I am going to be running through with you all STEP BY STEP my exact SYSTEM.

QUICK HEADS UP! – The investment of this programme goes up every 8 weeks. So get in now. At it is limited to 10 women at any one time to make sure you have my undivided 24/7 high quality support.

How Have I Created A Group Program That Can Be create 5 figures in 30 days and 6 figures in your first year? Is This BS?

This is create on a ROBUST PLAN a EXIT STRATEGY to be set free from those shackles once and for all. But not in airy fairy hoping and praying, panicky way, but actually step my step plan that will get you there. Here I will give you three things only each week, no overwhelm that will give you the plan, the exit strategy and a simple recipe to go to 5 figures in 30 days from your first launch and reoccurring. To hit 6 figures in your first year. It is based on a proven system. We also conduct a full financial assessment before the jumpstart planning session. For robust exit strategy. And your personal Budget forecasted with your targets planned out


We focus on three areas:

Skill set
Tool set

A plan, money in the bank at all times, security, self belief, confidence and knowing your true gift. You will get that all here.

This is the real deal.

Not generic up in the sky stuff. Not one size fits you all. You are unique. Your gift is unique. Your clients that are meant just for you are unique to you.

That’s why

We will not only reveal that gift to you but also create an OFFER that will be reviewed to ensure it’s got SERIOUS VALUE and is MARKETABLE. We will literally give you a template, review it for you and once it’s done you will FEEL SERIOUS CONFIDENCE to charge the value it’s worth and you will know it, not doubt it. That’s where confidence comes from. We will see if it has value and is marketable, I personally we take a very close look at it and give you precision level feedback.

The reason most entrepreneurs fail is they don’t have a plan, we have all heard it failing to plan to planning to fail. Your plan will be done for you. You don’t need to think, procrastinate, try to work or out, get overwhelmed. You will given three things each week ONLY. Literal instructions you have no room to go wrong.

I’m a coach that is always present daily, holding your hand and keeping you accountable. I will personally know you and your business to be inside out. This a fail proof plan, a proven system to 5 figures in 30 days and 6 figures in year one. It’s simple and effective recipe. All you are required to do is take the action.

And we will won’t leave you high and try to work it al out for yourself, you will be given the tools, templates and support on implementation from tech, design and all the pieces of the simple sales attraction system I will teach you.

This is the whole package mindset, giving you the skills to be an entrepreneur and successful 6 figure business owner – and trust me there are skills required and they are not taught to us school, work or even university and the tool set the literal templates, plug in and play and tech support. You will have a very Low cost business model, high profit margins and work the hours you wish each week. Will put this into the plan you’re given. It doesn’t mean you will have to earn less. After all you are birthing a business to create a life you love that you can enjoy your family, relationships, travel, free time whatever you desire getting crystal clear. On this and having a plan to create that is crucial, so many don’t do this and create another prison for themselves or working double time. Not here… I’m a girl that values ease, simplicity and big results FAST if that’s you, you’re in the right place.

Inner Mindset

Daily intentions/ affirmations audio
Root cause and invisible batters identification – I’ll read it for you. Be ready to be mind blown that’s my Super power.
Release and letting go of root causes
A clean vessel to relaunch – rejuvenate, rebirth, reinvent
How to receive money – the REAL laws of attraction
How to connect to your inner gift, intuition to high speed line to exactly the power you have for clear decisions and progress that blows your own mind

Skill set

The new way to market. Very simple recipe. Not throwing spaghetti on the wall approach and hoping something with stick.

Sales attraction system and lessons on video skills, social media and sales skills, the scripts the templates the step by step trainings

Tool set
5 figure offer package
Typically 500 pieces of feedback every month. And we mean actual review comments and updates to everything you create. It’s like you’ve hired your own marketing and sales team when you’ve just started out, this gives you a huge ADVANTAGE.
Design training (no extra investment required) how to use systems like Canva
Create sales pages easily and quickly
Payment processing, smart, precise and instant
Email system set up and use
Sales script guides and training and objection handling
Creating of the new simple website (no need for any investment in this, you don’t need it)
Facebook groups and growing a community that you can nurture and monetised providing real value whatever your product and service
And don’t worry there is no need to a content marketing machine . Simple manageable process.
Brand – done for you
Tech support

You may or may not what some of these things are, your sales attraction system will be bespoke to you so you will get your beautifully packaged set of tools just for you.

All in all in this programme you will get the mindset, skills and tools. You will get human connection Everyday from me, you will build relationships (no lonely entrepreneurs here) a container that is private platform and ease of walking through the programme with everything presenting easily to follow steps. With lifetime access to the app that will contain all the golden training so you can go back at anytime and take things at your own pace

Delivery! You will be taught how to deliver each piece

And most importantly you will get RESULTS

We are not done until you get the results simple! So you are welcome to stay in the container or 6 months and have lifetime access to video trainings in the programme.

In this programme we will review everything, we will consider all the other pressures in your life that had the potential to derail you relationships, family etc and how to deal with all that.

We will get clear on the lifestyle you want not get you success at any cost.

You will be given lane 1 sales attraction system no big marketing costs at all. And no overwhelm. As when there is overwhelm it can take us down. Keep it simple stupid – 😉 KISS

What will stop you from getting results is not having access to all of this, confusion and the root causes invisible barriers being in play. This will trip you up, left, right and centre … it’s not easy being an entrepreneur and downplaying that riding on unicorns creates more problems. Having a simple system that doesn’t miss any piece that could trip you up will have in success while other entrepreneurs are struggling years in. That’s not the point to struggle. This will get you off the struggle bus into the thriving bus this is limousine, grab a champagne and enjoy the ride it’s meant to be fun and we make it fun here. Not knowing your value, gift and worth will trip you up and we make sure you know that here and believe it 💯

The reason you feel you can’t do it again a bit because you can’t it’s the invisible root cause, invisible barrier this why you did not get there in the past or even consider it because of struggles in yourself, self believe and confidence

What’s unique about moi?
I make learning fun, fast and simple
Big on building relationships and community
Big on ease, speed and providing a tonne of value
I am loving yet no BS. I have a BS detector for the inner gremlins
No Guess work I hold your hand, no limit, human connection

This is practical not theory shit.

So if you say to yourself now I do want a multiple 6 figure business l, I do want to change my life. First step one that next step let’s get to work!


Who are your CLIENTS?

I work with people just like you, who are successful and well qualified professionals that would love to escape from the corporate world. Women that have worked hard to get to where they are, strong yet big hearted. Women who are really good at what they do, but that are looking for an answer to the question of who they  really are, what they are here to do and why they feel so unfulfilled in spite of their success, when on the surface they have it all yet they suffer from being a people pleaser. I help them find their true gift and show them how to create 5 figures in the first 30 days  and how to simultaneously create FREE and luxury lifestyle that they deep down inside really yearn for.

They are:

• Directors/VPs/CEOs
• Consultants
• Corporate executives and professionals
• Teachers/coaches
• Doctors/Dentists
• Banking, finance, marketing, HR and digital Professionals.
• Law/Media professionals
• Singers, high profile media personalities and celebrities.

Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!

Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!