Liberate Me™

Owning Your Space In Life And Living It
- Empowered And Unapologetically -

For successful women. You’ve created a good life in many ways. And yet, you feel something is missing
or know inside something is not quite right
and there are some internal struggles.

Anita Ghosal Coaching & Speaking

Liberation-from-the-inside-out will help you RELEASE limitations without anger or force,
without having to change anyone else
and teach you to claim and own your right, to being YOUR version of YOU.

A life you love starts with AWAKENING TO YOUR TRUTH

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Client Testimonials

  • Thank you for believing in my vision. Spent most of my life with people telling me it’s not realistic or u can’t achieve that, or that’s impossible. I want to make it all possible. Looking forward to my life unfolding even more. I’ve booked 3 new clients since yesterday and 4 new enquiries! Thank you for coming in my life.

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  • "Taking this trip was the turning point of it all! It is the first time I did something that my parents did not approve of but his decision came from a place of truth and love for myself! The self-sabotaging behaviour that's reacting to triggers and wounds have stopped!! I see this already in action in 2-3 instances the last 2 weeks! This is making my relationship with my husband stronger Best thing to have happened to me this year!”

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Not sure where to Start?

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Client Testimonials

  • “Before the workshop I felt a little apprehensive as I didn't know quite what to expect but I was ready and open to where it would take me. Anita is simply fantastic, her manner is comforting, supportive and approach measured. I felt like we accomplished a lot that day together and she made me feel at ease during a long and emotionally challenging day. I would unreservedly recommend Anita and her workshops to anyone that feels it's time to connect inwardly and start on a journey of self-discovery.” Read More

  • Anita, compared to before I started this. I’m honestly amazed by the contrast in my life and in myself. I can’t even believe the change that has occurred within me and the choices I have made and don’t know how it happened precisely. I feel a new sense of self love, togetherness and confidence. Read More


Are you ready to break free and live a life you love?

When I meet women who 'hide' behind their culture-limitations-beliefs and let that 'hold them back'. My first INSTINCT is to pull them out of that place and into the place of LIBERATION. With this pioneering programme, I have created ways to access this FAST!

Liberating women from the inside out to release limitations and create a life they love by claiming who they are - owning it, empowered and unapologetically. Releasing the need for external validation, the need to adhere to cultural or societal restrictions, to break free to find who they are and own it. Focussing on three areas of LIBERATION - read more here.

Are you ready for LIBERTY?


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Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!