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Imagine being liberated from the need for external validation and approval?

I know it would be pretty amazing and yes, sassy diva’s, it is possible and it is the most freeing way to live. This is what I do for the women I work with.

Now, I did not always know that over the course of my life I would experienced guilt, self-doubt, hurt, anxiety, anger, lack of confidence, drama, feeling lost, rejection and being misunderstood.

I lost my Dad to suicide when I was 17, been divorced twice and now remarried, raised as UK born Indian where being myself was not an option – there were serious expectations to live up to. I had a tough upbringing with a mother that was certainly not going to win mother of the year award, where I experienced abuse and general madness.

In-spite of this, I was hugely successful on paper – degree, post grad, 18 years in the corporate world getting to the top of the ladder as a Marketing Director, then realising I felt empty, as if I had climbed the wrong ladder. I realised the ladder I had climbed was not mine. I have used these experiences to LIBERATE myself in every way. By using them as my rocket fuel to travel the world, find my true self, live abroad, start my own heart led successful business, claiming and owning myself in ways I never knew possible – without apology.


Empowering validation from within

This is what I now do for my clients. Rather than being affected by what others think about you, here we insert confidence and eject insecurity. You will feel seen, validated and encompassed. You’ll be feeling like you’re not just existing but actually living! Feeling like you can trust yourself and others.

Do you find that you put others before yourself? Or take on their problems and feelings as they are your own? Sometimes, and I say this with love, we are doing this rather than dealing with ourselves. Pretending we have it all together. Or we feel we ‘have to’ as it would be selfish to do anything else. This is due to our cultural blueprint, and that keeps us trapped. Here at Liberate-from-the-inside-out we get to break free of that gracefully.

Culture is rich in so many ways. Yet culture overpowers individuals’ dreams to conform with cultural ‘musts’ and ‘should’s’.

Here we break free of cultural limitations, embracing the parts of culture that align to your soul and ejecting out the parts that don’t.  To be all of you – own your space – unapologetically – empowered – graceful – wise.


Culture can mean many different things and has so many languages. Yet however way we describe it, it is the thing that shapes us.

It is the language of your relationships, it is the language of the work you do, it is the language of how much money or how much success you think you can have, and it is the language of how how we treat our body.

Yet it may not be YOUR language. It is your CULTURE. But some of it is not YOURs. It is this dissonance that leaves us feeling:

  • Disconnected inside and from others
  • Trapped
  • Guilty or selfish
  • Misunderstood

Because in short we are trying be something we are not! Pretty simple, but not easy to shift. Here we get to shift it.


Whats My Story?

My mum and dad wanted me to be a highly educated professional. I am sure they would loved if I became a lawyer or a doctor. Being a UK born Indian, this is not uncommon. They wanted me to have an arranged marriage, married to a good rich man, ideally a lawyer or a doctor and to do all of this by the age of 30. Oh, and I forgot, I also needed a huge house and a fancy car, as well as always being there for everyone in my family as a counsellor, cook, cleaner and to attend every family occasion, keeping face. Not much to ask for 😉… I wanted to be a dancer and midwife, travel the world, party a lot, have fun – you can imagine their horror at that! They got their way for a while, but in all seriousness, this kept me very limited until I found my LIBERATION! And now I own all the pieces of me – successful business woman, party girl, wife for the third time to a my lovely Swedish husband (white and blue eyed) – shock and horror – who would have thought! And you know what? I have more love, respect and healthy relationships with my family now than what I ever had before. The truth is that only when we can accept ourselves fully, then others can too. Even those of us that come from strict cultural backgrounds that hold standards on how you should live and who you should be. I guess you could have called me a REBEL – a SASSY REBEL I would say – and when I think back, my mother actually used to call me the BLACK SHEEP. I learned that being a REBEL or a BLACK SHEEP is not BAD – it is GOOD! It is quite simply being who you are and owning it.

So culture is the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society. It’s a way of life, or set of attitudes. Where is it created? EVERYWHERE!

  • Your ethnicity
  • The country you were born in
  • The countries where you have lived and live now
  • Your family – all of them – even your ancestors – this stuff is deep rooted
  • Your education, career, lifestyle

The list goes on – you get the picture!


Here We Create Your CULTURE SHOCK.

Releasing the parts that hold you back. We are programmed a certain way, whether we realise or not, to fit in. Here we break free of that mould – reprogramme – rewire.

Even when all is not well on the inside, we can do great things. Successful career, get married, have children, move countries – all out superwoman! Yet we cannot enjoy it fully even though we have it. Then we feel guilty for that. That kind of sucks.

The coaching I do here is meant to change that and fast. Not by ‘teaching you’ or dwelling on things. But by getting real, and taking you through immersive and transformational processes that are proven to have effect by EVOLVING you from within. What does that mean? Well it means that you actual BECOME the person you wish to be, and that you do what you wish to do with ease.

So if you find yourself:

  • Pretending
  • Pleasing
  • Proving

Or feel you have no choice but to self-sacrifice, be that in less than fulfilling life’s, relationships, careers or businesses.

Then you are in the right place. Nice job! You were guided here to Liberate yourself and be free of all of this.

You will go from feeling lost or not like yourself, overwhelmed, anxious – or even feeling like a fake in the various different roles you play in life – to feeling confident, liberated and validated.

Are You Ready To Be LIBERATED?

I’m helping clients empower their validation in these three areas:

  1. Liberated in your relationships
  2. Liberated in your career, business and finances
  3. Liberated in your body, mind and soul

You can take your first step by joining the 7 Day Awaken To Your Truth Challenge here.

With love,


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