Client Testimonials

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  • "Thank you for believing in my vision. Spent most of my life with people telling me it’s not realistic or u can’t achieve that, or that’s impossible. I want to make it all possible. Looking forward to my life unfolding even more. 🙏 🙏I’ve booked 3 new clients since yesterday and 4 new enquiries! Feeling optimistic 🙏 My husband is really happy and grateful I am finding myself. Says he can already see the impact it is having and is happy for me, for us. Thank you for coming in my life. And to share another shift with you, you amazing being!!! I will share this on my secret diary but if u were here right now I would give you the biggest hug! We have a found someone who wants to buy the restaurant 🙏🙏🙏 I asked the universe to let me walk away with money and it responded 🙏🙏🙏feel so overwhelmed...massive celebration when all transactions complete. My life is unfolding as as if by magic I came in and you showed me a way. I will be forever in you favour. Lots of love💕💕💕 🙏🙏

  • “Anita, compared to before I started this. I’m honestly amazed by the contrast in my life and in myself. I can’t even believe the change that has occurred within me and the choices I have made and don’t know how it happened precisely. I feel a new sense of self love, togetherness and confidence. It has allowed me to find my voice and create a life that I would not have dreamed possible and to make huge decisions to walk away from a marriage where I was being mistreated and face parents that culturally I knew may not support me in this situation and face the guilt of taking my daughter away from this family unit. I realized that I am a role model for my daughter and for as long as I am putting myself second and allowing myself to sacrifice she will walk away and do the same. It was not easy to do this for me but when I thought of her that changed my outlook, I needed to do this not just for me but for her so she can live her dreams and feel happy, open, worthy and confident in every way. I am now at a level of inner peace as a navigate this and the need for external approval or validation has gone. Thank you so much for coming into my life Anita I am so so grateful” Ali

  • “Taking this trip was the turning point of it all! It is the first time I did something that my parents did not approve of but his decision came from a place of truth and love for myself! So it will always have a special place in my heart! I can now point out the point in time where things truly shifted in my relationship with my parents. It’s never really been the same again and it’s sad but at least I know what caused the shift so I Thank you so much for the welcome video and going through what to expect. As mentioned in my beautiful journal, I am excited about everything on the program - every module has something I’m looking forward and getting one step closer to being comfortable in my own skin! I can work on bridging the gap again. this will help me move toward my purpose as I know myself better - The self-sabotaging behaviour that's reacting to triggers and wounds have stopped!! I see this already in action in 2-3 instances the last 2 weeks! This is making my relationship with my husband stronger”

  • “Before the workshop I felt a little apprehensive as I didn't know quite what to expect but I was ready and open to where it would take me. Anita is simply fantastic, her manner is comforting, supportive and approach measured. I felt like we accomplished a lot that day together and she made me feel at ease during a long and emotionally challenging day. I would unreservedly recommend Anita and her workshops to anyone that feels it's time to connect inwardly and start on a journey of self-discovery.”