The relationships in our life’s can make or break us on a daily basis. No matter the type of relationships they can be all consuming on so many levels. Particularly our most intimate relationships can bring both the worst and the best out in us. Why does it affect us so much!

Are you feeling? 

  • There is a communication breakdown?
  • Bullied?
  • Not heard or misunderstood in some of your relationships?
  • You are not always able to speak up or stick up for yourself? Sometimes feeling like you are frozen or fearful of speaking up.
  • You spread yourself too thin and find it hard to say no?
  • Overwhelmed, anxious or sometimes unappreciated?
  • Angry and frustrated? Maybe feeling taken advantage of at times or losing your temper with you loved ones and feeling terrible about it.

You are not alone and I have certainly been there on all of these at some point.

If so, I would love to share this blog with you. I will be sharing the full version and going live to talk about the 5 simple steps to transform your tricky relationships here soon. Look forward to seeing you there. 

So what is this? Why do we care so much anyway? 
Love and relationships nurture us on a deep level and so when we are rejected or emotionally neglected in some way we can start to feel unloved, unwanted or not enough. It can and usually is related to past triggers we experienced as we grew up especially in our intimate relationships and whilst we do not always recognize this, it is often the case and knowing the difference and healing our triggers can lift that weight off considerably! Even with bosses, a relationship with a boss is very close to that of a parent and so triggers can show up and affect us deeply especially when we are not aware and feel powerless to change the way we feel. The same with our partners and husbands. The truth it is that is our perception is driving the way we feel and when we can change that perception the relationships we are in will improve significantly. I can guarantee you that.

Where did this come from? How did I become this way in the first place?
Quite simply it’s out past experience that shape us. We are not born feeling this way, we are born expressing ourselves fully and fearlessly and we know we are lovable and will be loved and accepted as we are. Its our birthright! We don’t feel offended or hurt by much as a baby or feel unwanted or rejected.  So it is clear we learned to act this way for some of us through more severe experiences like abuse, neglect or grief as it was for me and having dual identity being a UK born Indian meant I gained identities, beliefs and values that didn’t belong to me. It was certainly  not ok to be ME and it was NEVER ok to say NO to Asian parents.

For others it may seem like smaller things like bullying, or something a teacher said or a difficult experience at work.  No matter how small or big they have the same effect and yes it is related to the relationships we experience today. These experiences are usually tucked away or pushed down  in our sub conscious and we belittle how important they are or have no awareness of them at all but, the truth is it is HUGELY important to recognize these and process them. Otherwise they we will be playing out in your relationships until today whether we are conscious of it or not.

Whatever it is, the good news we can process these fast when we undertake simple yet powerful exercises! 

Here is one such experience from a beautiful client who was at the beginning of undertaking the Creating Life You Love From the Inside Out Coaching Progamme and I will share on the Facebook live here soon how she is now nearly at the end of her journey… it is an incredible story:

“I can now point out the point in time where things truly shifted in my relationship with my parents. It’s never really been the same again and it’s sad but at least I know what caused the shift, so I Thank you so much for the video. As mentioned in my beautiful journal, I am excited about everything on the program – every module has something I’m looking forward and getting one step closer to being comfortable in my own skin!  I can work on bridging the gap again. this will help me move toward my purpose as I know myself better – The self-sabotaging behaviour that’s reacting to triggers and wounds have stopped!!  I see this already in action in 2-3 instances the last 2 weeks! This is making my relationship with my husband stronger”  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

And so how?? 

Here are 5 simple steps to start transforming your relationships today. First Identify a relationship that is causing you some pain and upset this can be a boss, partner, sister, friend, or relationship you wished you had in your life but are yet to attract – any one that comes up.

  1. Gain Awareness. Get to you know you! Create a relationship with you first.

Be aware! Awareness is the first step.What makes you feel hurt or disempowered in this relationship? Where is it coming from?

  1. Know your Beliefs

What beliefs have you picked up that may not belong to you from the past that may make you feel this way an have this perception? How may they be limiting you?

  1. Tune into your true Values

What values are driving the way you feel or react in this relationship? Feel into whether these values really belong to you or are they from a past experience?

  1. Healing and Rewiring

Though doing the inner work, personal development coaching and self awareness you can heal and rewire fast, to enjoy your current relationships, and attract relationships that are fulfilling for you.

  1. Boundaries

This is about choices and finding your voice. It also the way we teach people how to treat us through setting healthy self loving and honoring boundaries relationships flourish.

All easier said than done, I know.

I can help you with this. 

Clients on my programmes start to create relationships they love in under 90 days following my proven immersive methods.

I can show YOU how to reignite, attract, transform your experience in your relationships to one that fulfills you every way and makes you feel confident. You are worthy of having relationships in your life that you feel fully connected to, flourish in and make you feel alive.

Simply click here to book in your free breakthrough coaching session now.

By the end of the call, you’ll know exactly what relationships you love look like for you and how you can create this for yourself. You will be taken on a experiential journey that is astounding and beautiful. Once you are clear on this, we can discuss ways that I can help you create this fast.

We may decide to work together – and if so great – if not then that’s okay too. You’ll still have a clear plan to move your relationships forward or attract the relationships of your dreams.

Take your first step right now and click here and book in your session and I will help you plan out how you will make this transition and allow you to experience some powerful immersive coaching.

With love,
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