Hello beautiful ladies,

If you are anything like I use to be, I did not wear one mask I wore several. One as a marketing director, another as a wife, another as a sister and another as daughter. You can get the idea! This is exhausting… Why do we do it? Because we want to fit in but, in reality fitting in means betraying your truth and yourself, the more we do this and try to be what others need us to be or people please the more we loose ourselves and end up anxious, overwhelmed, sad at times and just so tired frankly! Because it is work not to be your true self. Then we feel guilty as we have so much on the outside yet we are feeling unappreciated and even unloved sometimes on the inside. The reason we feel this is that we are not showing our true beauty to the world to attract real love in all areas of life and relationships.

It seems to me no one wants to be vulnerable but we all want to brave as women? And so we as women push our way through life to be strong and pretend all is perfect from the outside, yet from the inside we are small and weak at time. Somehow we think this sacrifice is serving our relationships with husbands, children, bosses, friends etc, In reality it is not serving them and it is not serving you. No one is winning here. We all know this deep down as these situations are not fully as we would love them to be.

It is just not possible to brave without being vulnerable, that is just hard work and self sabotage. What is it that is so scary about vulnerability? It is the uncertainty, we do not know what is on the other side of vulnerability. I can let you into a little secret now!! Its beautiful on the other side, all you desire is there – loving and respectful relationships, work you love, friendships you adore and your feeling of feeling at home is all there!

So even though its scary doing it anyway is the brave thing to and will bring you so much calm, clarity and Joy. Not to mention the utter feeling of relief on feeling good as you are and loving being with you. For me this turn around of taking off all my masks and reconnecting to my truth has meant I am now doing what I love every day, surrounded by people I love, my relationships have improved as if my magic and I am even attracting the love of my life. I was completely blocked off from this before. This is not unique to me, we can all have this or anything we desire if we are willing to take the mask off and be vulnerable and truly courageous.

You cannot be a courageous person if you are not wiling to be uncomfortable. Today I ask you choose courage over comfort. Choose you and be truly brave to take the first step to connect to your truth and joy. Here is one of my brave clients telling you about her experience of being brave. Its about feeling the fear and doing it anyway:

“I have went to the program with a little scepticism, but I thought that hey I am at a point where I am simply tired of everything, I would appreciate any forms of assistance I could get. The program is very emotional. I learnt to let go of all my deepest emotion and give myself a chance to break down. After the program, I learnt to finally find some inner peace and find solutions to resolve my issues. Now, I am happier and finally being able to have “me” time. Thank you Anita!”

Are you ready to take of your mask and be brave with me?

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With so much love, hoping to connect with some of you brave souls soon

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Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!

Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!