You may recognise that feeling when you just don’t feel like ‘you’. I felt like that many times, it was usually when I had been feeling overwhelmed, confused, exhausted and anxious.

It was almost like I had switched off, feeling not alive, like something was missing and I just didn’t know what it was and why I was unhappy, when on the face it I had a great life and job.

When did it show up? For me it showed up many times:

  • When I got divorced
  • When I was working in the corporate world as a director
  • When I was surrounded by toxic friends and family members
  • When I did not know how to set boundaries and let people walk all over me
  • When I lost my job

At these times I just felt lost, unappreciated and mostly completely disconnected from myself. It left me feeling disempowered, weak and wondering what was the point of it all. It was almost like the more time I spent in this space the smaller I became. I would smile, people please and struggle with setting boundaries or gaining any real respect from others in my life. My solution at the time was to work harder and harder and pretend I was ok by people pleasing, keeping up beat and wearing a big smile on my face at times and laughing under seriously stressful situations.

As you know I talk a lot about creating a relationship with ourselves and living from the inside out.


Because this changed my life in way that blew my mind when I reconnected with my true self. After experiencing years of feeling not myself, dead inside at times and lost. I went on a journey discover who I was, what would make me feel alive and what I truly valued. I also undertook some deep work on worthiness and finding my validation from within rather than needing others to validate me. It led me to creating an inner world that was calm and disposition that attracted what I most desired in life. Today I am doing what I love every day as coach and facilitator that empowers more and more women to connect with their true selves and have a lifestyle that gives me a freedom and joy in every day that I could never have dreamed I would have.  It took me from feeling:

• Lost
• Disconnected
• Sad and insecure
• Like something was missing
• Anxious
• Low confidence
• Indecision
• The need for external validation


• Knowing why I was here and my true purpose
• Feeling more connected with my authentic self
• Knowing how to live my purpose & values from the inside out
• Knowing how to calm my mind when I felt anxious
• Knowing more about what was getting in my way of moving forward by processing and clearing fears, guilt, critics and old wounds.
• Feeling like I had released confusion and overwhelm & was gracefully clear about what I wanted
• Feeling more courageous to set boundaries & make decisions
• Knowing how to yes to my worthiness and my truth

Have you ever found yourself saying ‘I just don’t feel like myself’?

But in the same breath unwilling to explore this and instead pushing through it and hoping it all just be ok somehow or waiting for some future thing to happen whether it’s a new job, a new relationship, a move and saying “I will be happy when I get this job, this house, this boyfriend….?” Just because anything else feels too scary and uncomfortable? Or you are resided to beliefs that “this is as good as it gets?”

Today I am going to invite those of you that are willing to take a first mini step to create a life you love from inside and out to explore it with me through a Free One Hour Discovery Session.

You can book here:

I look forward to exploring with you.

With love,
Anita xx

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Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!