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I thought twice about writing this blog as money is such a taboo topic especially when it comes to investing in our personal and emotional development. It makes me sad that we put our mental and emotional well-being at the bottom of our list, yet it is the very thing that drives how we are able to show up in every area of our lifes and relationships. So today I am being brave to deliver a message without agenda and to serve my community of women be all they came here to be. I get to live my divine calling everyday now but I know this would never have happened if I did not invest in me and take care of my inner world to create an outer wide that I love and brings me joy. It feels great to be in my heart led purpose driven business and to work with women that light me up and naturally attract so many other things that light me up! I am not telling you this to show off!  I am telling you this as I want it for YOU and as many women as I can help to have their unique version of this.

I used to be exactly same and would come up with millions of excuses not to invest in me and put myself first. Telling myself ‘things are not that bad’, ‘now is not the right time, maybe later’, ‘I can do this myself’, ‘I will be fine’…

I finally invested in myself at one the most scariest times for me financially.  It was when I had lost my job, a high-powered job as marketing director and I had no idea where my next pay cheque was coming from, how I was going to pay my rent and whether I would be able to afford to even say here in Singapore.

It is scary, bloody scary! Regardless I found the courage to invest a significant amount in a coaching to rediscover all of me. I was curious, compelled even called to this coaching programme to live me fully. I did all I could to resist it. Questioning was it worth it? how can I be sure it will help? and maybe I was crazy for even considering it when there was no money coming in!  I took the leap anyway and learned one of the biggest lessons of my life so far.

There is a difference between ‘not being able to afford it’ and having no money to put food on the table. And to my surprise as soon as invested in me, I won a freelance contract that return that investment to me 10-fold. What was that about?! That was the power of manifestation! Oh yes sounds weird and bonkers I thought so too but, I know when we say yes to ourselves the universe rewards us. I now I have the joy of opening up this power with the women I work with.

Now lets not get hung up on the words manifest and universe. That part is not important you can call it anything you like! The truth is there is something bigger than us and if we can open up and connect to it we will be rewarded through an opening to our true happiness to create anything we want.

Today after investing and continuing to invest and realising as woman we are not meant to do things alone, I am now doing what I love everyday coaching women and being successful in it too. If someone told me this would happen so quickly, and the power to create this was all within me I would have said ‘whatever life is not that easy’!

This coaching stuff works but I know its scary and sometimes we feel guilt to invest or don’t know how to talk to our partners about it. The truth is a YES to you and is a YES to all those you love. When you invest in you and start to live your truth you radiate a new kind of energy  that benefits your loved ones. So many of my relationships improved naturally and I attracted new relationships that lit me up with ease, It felt like I was a magnet, and all of this was finding me somehow as if by magic. I would love to show you how the magic works to create a life and relationships you love!

We need to stop seeing investing in ourselves as luxury. As women we are quite happy to invest in holidays, meals, brunches, drinks, shopping sprees and maybe that lovely Louis Vuitton bag! Or whatever your poison is, we all have them. Why? Because they are socially acceptable. And let’s be honest how long do these FIXES last? All these fixes are nurturing the outside rather than the inside – hence why they are short lived. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with that bag or any of these things, I love some of them too!!  But if we want to have a long-term fix then we have to invest in ourselves fully first.

Many of my clients are:

  • Career woman that have either lost their job or between jobs
  • Mums that are considering returning to work or looking at starting their own business possibly or just not sure who they are anymore and what is next for them
  • Young ladies that are the start of their careers and do not have huge salaries.

I also have many clients that are suffering in their relationships in all respects from friends and partners to colleagues and they feel at a lost. Many are not sure of what they really desire but they know there is more for them. All of these woman are not in position where they have surplus cash, but they are able to see the value in making this investment and saying YES to them and NO to some other things in the short term to manifest all they desire to be and do. Even though they are full of fear too, they feel the fear and do it anyway. Seeing the breakthroughs these women have and what they come on to be takes my breath away everyday.

So what does ‘no money’ actually mean to you?
Yes investing in coaching  means cutting out something else but it does not mean you are not going to eat. I have coaches with clients that are social benefits and willing to eat beans to develop themselves in this way outside of Singapore. Whilst we are in Singapore we are privileged to be here so for us the choice is very different. It may be between a holiday or a life changing coaching programme but it is not about not being able to eat.  Its all about creating  a life we love from the inside out, so we need to start investing in things that nurture the inside rather than outside.

Are you ready to nurture your inside? 
To be and have all you desire in the outside world?

Take a mini step, which I will gift to you out of the goodness of my heart. A Free One Hour Discovery Coaching Session. You can book here.. can’t wait to connect and to gift you a powerful session just for you.

Book Here: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=13608838

Or if you are ready to say yes to you and invest in your very first step to connect to your true self. The next one day immersive Creating a life you love from the inside out is on 30th November.

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Much love my beauties, hope to connect with some of you soon.

With love,

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Start to grow your business with the best tips!

Here is your chance to get access to my exclusive freebies!