Corporate Coaching & Speaking

Prior to training to become a coach and a speaker, Anita spent nearly two decades working in the corporate world, managing an international marketing team in a deadline driven and pressured environment.

“My personal experience of the pressures of corporate and entrepreneurial life means I’m very well placed to understand the challenges that can arise for those in the corporate world. This coupled with my pioneering methods for real and lasting transformation through keynote speeches, workshops, retreats and accompanying coaching programmes place me in a position to create a connection and strong results”

Working with corporates that may have low retention rates, or sense of segregation or non-cohesive teams. Where colleagues are not working well together, where there may be distrust and employees sometimes feel unsatisfied. The work of Anita is to truly transform this to create high performing teams, a fast increase on retention rates and the creation of a harmonious culture and communication that leads to self-motivated employees that perform above and beyond their role.

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