Are you making these COSTLY MISTAKES that women typically make? 

  • Putting yourself second?
  • Not sticking up for yourself?
  • Spreading yourself too thin, doing everything for everyone at work, at home, for your partner, your children.. feeling overwhelmed and sometimes unappreciated?
  • Lacking Self-Belief?
  • Thinking you can do it all on your own?
  • Taking no time to do things that please you and pleasure you?

If so, I would love to share a personal story with you today you can read the full version here The truth about Shame. here 

At the crux of this story is my story of shame. Shame hit me hard recently when I recently got engaged.

I know now you may be thinking why that is wonderful right? 

Yes, it is, but this was not my first time, it is actually my third. I was worried about the official’s reaction when registering notice for marriage. But then it occurred to me that I would end up with three marriage certificates and certificates are given when you have achieved something great right?

And I did! I had put myself first, stuck up for myself, found self belief, self love and my truth and took the time to do the inner healing to find the true me and be brave enough to walk away facing the judgment – even more so because of my cultural background being UK born Indian and labeled as a ‘shame on the family’. Facing this and going on a inner healing journey has all afforded me to create a life I truly love from the inside out. 

Not only that, it has begun a journey on something that is of higher purpose for me and all the work I do with my clients. Which is to break and stop the vicious cycle of our daughters of today and tomorrow living without self love and self respect as I did…

How did I do this? 

By leading the way…By saying it’s ok to say no, it’s ok to love yourself, it’s ok to shine your light bright and it’s ok to feel complete self love and self confidence, its ok to say no and put yourself first. I do not sit in a space of telling them to be this way but instead do it and be it – the difference is huge….

I evoke you all through my open sharing here to lead the way and break the vicious cycle for our daughters of today and tomorrow. 

As women we influence the women around us and those that look up to us from our daughters, mother’s, sisters, friends, colleagues, bosses… your role is important, in fact it is crucial. When you reject yourself you reject these women too.  As a woman we are teaching women in our lifes by how we treat ourselves and how we let others treat us.

So if you think you are living in some suffering in someway but you comfort yourself by saying you are doing what is best or making sacrifice for good of all.  Then the truth is that what you’re actually teaching our daughters is to shut up and put up and be in SHAME.

We are teaching them to live up to external validation standards and of course self sacrifice! 

We are teaching them we are less important, less lovable and worthy than others.  So we need to think is this what we want for our daughters…?? It’s epidemic and starts with us, each of us as women. I evoke you today to take that first step to discover your true identity and allow yourself to evolve to love your life from the inside out. This is gift to you and so many women that will follow you in all walks of life and in your legacy.

Read one of my clients own words about how this work and transition has benefited her:

“Anita, compared to before I started this. I’m honestly amazed by the contrast in my life and in myself. I can’t even believe the change that has occurred within me and the choices I have made. I feel a new sense of self love, togetherness and confidence. It has allowed me to find my voice and create a life that I would not have dreamed possible and to make huge decisions to walk away from a marriage where I was being mistreated and face parents that culturally I knew may not support me in this situation and face the guilt of taking my daughter away from this family unit. I realized that I am a role model for my daughter and for as long as I am putting myself second and allowing myself to sacrifice she will walk away and do the same. It was not easy to do this for me but when I thought of her that changed my outlook, I needed to do this not just for me but for her so she can live her dreams and feel happy, open, worthy and confident in every way. I am now at a level of inner peace as a navigate this and the need for external approval or validation has gone. Thank you so much for coming into my life Anita I am so so grateful”

Has reading these words got you motivated about making the transition yourself? 

I hope it has, Because you deserve to create a life you love, do work that you find fulfilling, AND you deserve to have time with your family and create loving and happy relationships.

How to create a life you love from the inside out.. 

I truly believe that it is possible to create a life you love from doing the inner work, healing your wounds to clear the way to see your life purpose and find the self love and sense of self belief to live that dream vision. Making do, putting yourself second best is not selfless. It is selfish, as we are teaching our daughters and children of tomorrow that they do not matter, they should play small, stay somewhere where they are being disrespected and put themselves second and sacrifice. I am passionate about breaking this vicious pattern where as women we put ourselves second, stay in pain and sacrifice ourselves and abandoned our truth constantly to the point that we show up as not the best version of ourselves – stressed, overwhelmed, tired, angry, sad etc… our daughters and children of tomorrow will not do what you say, they will do what you do. As we do what our mothers and women role models taught us, by unlearning this and doing the inner work we are setting a path for ourselves to create a life we love fully from the inside out and in turn we are dong this for them.

I know exactly what you need to do

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With love,

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