Anita Is A Transformational And Immersive Coach

Transformational And Immersive Coach Anita Ghosal

What’s the difference between this and regular coaching?

In short…

It is not about 

teaching you theory – most of my clients have some awareness, even a lot of awareness, of what their challenges are and some even know what it would take to make the changes. Yet for whatever reason, they can’t make those changes. Some are even at a point of using that awareness as stick to beat themselves up with even more. As if even though they know, they can’t make the change. I was like this myself and I don’t know what was worse – not knowing, or knowing and still not being able to change.

The truth is we have internal blocks and fears that stop us. This is natural, and this is where we start to shift those blocks out of the way – Not by teaching you or dwelling on things – But by getting real and taking you through immersive and transformational processes that are proven to EVOLVE you from within.

It is not about 

a bunch of sporadic sessions that are useful but bring limited results. A lot of time giving us some awareness and small shifts but not the huge shifts for those that want to quantum leap in their lives to feel liberated.

It is not about 

‘will power’ which is miff in my view! Will power by its nature means you are doing it by ‘force’ learning something and then ‘trying or pushing or making yourself do it’. This will only work for a short while, as we all know deep down. Think about the classic joining a gym and then not actually being able to keep it up, as it takes ‘will power’ and in the end, as humans, we will fall off that wagon.

Is there any other way? YES YES… on the coaching programmes as part of Liberate yourself from-the-inside-out there is no need for force, it will unfold naturally through the uniquely pioneered programmes. You feel when the changes made come with ease and grace. Many clients report ‘it’s as if it happened by magic’.  Even when you come to the end of your coaching journey, you will still have lifetime access to the powerful tools to keep evolving you more and more.

It IS ABOUT your outcomes, and in you investing in getting those outcomes. You don’t invest in buying my time but in the outcomes, you want deep down, even the ones that feel impossible right now or you think will never happen for you.  We will get super clear on these outcomes at the start.

The way the programme is designed is to hold your hand all the way through. This is ensuring transformation and it means the value for money is through the roof, when you see the time and commitment you receive here, you will be wowed and realise that paying by the hour would be extortionate. Designing it this way means it will bring clients that get value for their money, dedicated support, accountability and real results.

The number of clients taken on at any one time are limited. Why? Because for this level of transformation, it takes 100% commitment from me. This helps each client to leave the programme with a huge transformation. 

Who is it for?

Predominantly, this has been designed for women. That said, male clients have been attracted to the programmes and have now benefited from it too. In short, it is for anyone that is:

Coachable and can trust the process
Sick and tired of the status quo and ready to jump in
Committed and wants a change fast
Committed does not mean you will ‘feel ready’, it means that you getting out of your comfort zone will bring you life changing results
Committed means that you are ready to do what it takes to get the transformation you want in your life, relationships, career, business… what you truly desire.
New to coaching, had coaching before or even therapy but has yet to get the result.

If you have most of the above this is for YOU. Your time is NOW.

Now it is DOES NOT mean:

You have to be in the depths of despair. You may be, or you may not be. Both are fine.

There is something wrong with you. It just means that you know the value of your emotional, mental and physical health.

(You may also be realising they are all linked.)

Inside you are wanting:

To stop pretending, pleasing and proving and needing external validation to feel good. To get past your inner blocks and have the practical steps to get results.

To stop putting on a show on the outside when on the inside you feel struggle. Instead feel genuine, authentic and fulfilled.

To enjoy your life, relationships, career or business fully. Feel liberated and validated.

To have the lifestyle and wealth you truly desire.

Will it work for you?   

200% commitment. What does that mean?

This is not for everyone, if you fit the criteria above, it will work for you!

When clients apply to work with me, I offer a free breakthrough coaching session to see if I can truly help them. If we both agree with a heartfelt YES, then this is the place for them and I will give 100% commitment and in return, the client will agree to them giving me their 100% commitment. Then the results are pretty much guaranteed. Show up and do the work and the result will come.

It is pretty simple!

What if…. let’s dispel some myths:

I am not down enough to get this help

You do not need to be down, depressed or severely anxious to do this work. You might be, and that is ok. It is recognising that we are not fully broken, just pieces of us.

I can do it by myself

 If this was true, you would have done it by yourself by now. I read all the self help books, yet I was never able to do it myself, It just gave me loads of awareness to feel even worse about myself.  The truth is, we are not meant to do things alone else we would be alone on this planet.

I can do it by myself

Read this blog here and will answer that question fully! That said, there are options to fit every budget. Read more on work with me to feel into what works for you. We can make clear what is the best option for you in your Breakthrough coaching session.

Am I ready

You are never ready. The question is ‘am I ready for change?’ And ‘am I ready to do what that takes?’ If the answer is yes, then you are ready.

Sounds to good to be true

Its not magic, it’s real. If you are able to be 100% committed, you will get the result. It’s that simple.

Sounds like hard work and I don’t have the time

These are simple, fast and effective programmes to consume and utilise in your own time – you book your sessions one at a time when it suits you and you can access it from anywhere in the world and have your sessions wherever you are. Read more on work with me on how it works.

I’m too busy. Maybe later. It’s not a priority

How long have you felt the way you have? How long have you said ‘I am too busy’? Also, it will not add to your to-do list – this is an immersive experience that is like gift and a holiday into yourself.

It’s a luxury

Your emotional and mental well-being is not a luxury. It affects how you feel and what you achieve in every area of your life. To me, it is like saying ‘eating everyday is a luxury’ it is a necessity – this is ‘food for your soul’. When neglected, the repercussions can be significant and so unnecessary.

So, we could talk about this all day.  You were guided here to Liberate yourself and be free of all of this. The only way you will really know is if you book a Free Breakthrough Coaching Session and experience it for yourself.

Here we create real and long-lasting change from within in a way where you can see the real results on the outside too.

You will be taken on an incredibly unique journey.

You go from feeling lost or not quite like yourself, overwhelmed, anxious, or even feeling like a fake in the various roles you play in life – to feeling confident, liberated and validated.